Health Coaches partner with you when you need them. From the comfort of your home, with no traffic, parking or waiting room hassles, your Health Coach works with you, exploring together the gaps between your goals / intentions and your behaviours to facilitate your journey towards reaching the healthy life you are striving for.

Your Health Coach connects you to your health-care network - we work with your health team to keep you on track between appointments to ensure your health remains your focus.

Your Health Coach partners with you to address all areas of your health that impact on your ability to achieve your desired goals. We work with you to explore the factors that can best help or hinder you in sticking to your health plan.

Your Health Coach will meet all your needs including:

  • providing you with an opportunity to explore what can hold you back from achieving your optimal health
  • strategies and plans for dealing with set-backs
  • goal setting and pacing your health recovery
  • positive and future oriented mindsets that strengthen your focus
  • exploring resources that may further support you
  • clarifying the medical information that will help you with your health

How it works:

  1. Book in your Health Coach session
  2. Our Health Coaches team with you on Zoom - a free virtual platform that puts you face to face with your coach in the comfort of your own space and at a time perfectly convenient to you.
  3. We send you the link to the meeting and we will be there waiting for you at the agreed time.


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