Healthy clinics = happy clinics

With clinician and health carer burnout on the rise, performance suffers, and ultimately, patients bear the brunt. Meeting patient thresholds stretches resources, overloads schedules and encourages churn rate above quality. Health carers give so much attention to the health of others while often their own health suffers.

Benefits of being 

Healthy Clinic Certified

Investing in your clinic health means:

*reducing employee turnover *increasing employee retention  *improving workplace satisfaction  *improving mental wellbeing  *improving the heart health of your workforce and thereby reducing absenteeism caused by illness and injury *improving the strength of the workforce and thereby reducing injury rates and associated costs *Increasing daily enjoyment and therefore quality of life *Improving mental performance and thereby reducing errors and saving money and time

Healthy Clinic Certification Criteria

Our criteria align with globally recognised, evidence based population health position statements for:

  1. Physical Activity and sedentary time guidelines
  2. Consumption of fruits and vegetables guidelines
  3. Healthy parameters for: blood pressure, cholesterol, waist circumference and blood sugars
  4. Guidelines for mental wellbeing and positive workplace behaviours


Healthy Clinics Certification Process


  1. Register your clinic to apply for Healthy Clinic Certification
  2. Receive a Healthy Clinics Implementation Guide
  3. Login to our Healthy Clinics checklist form and submit initial application
  4. Your clinic will be assigned a Healthy Clinic Mentor for a Healthy Clinics audit and action plan. Your Healthy Clinic Mentor will partner with you to activate all components of the Healthy Clinics Implementation guide
  5. Apply for final accreditation
  6. Receive your Healthy Clinics Certified logo, stamps and branding to use onsite and online.


Healthy Clinics workplace wellness programs

Maintain and renew your Healthy Clinics Certification with our Healthy Hearts Workplace Wellness Programs including:

Food Club for cool ideas for healthy eating including recipes, cooking ideas and access to curated home cooking kits at special Certified Healthy Clinics rates

Physical Activity Coaching including step count goal setting and fitness tracker monitoring along with your own library of 'Exercise Snacks' for you to nibble on throughout the day


Heart Health Risk and Lifestyle Health Score

Healthy Clinics - healthy individuals 

Setting health goals is only possible if we know where we are now and where we would like to go. Complete our Heart Health and Lifestyle Health Score Card and start your journey towards your best health.

Next Steps...

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