Health Coaching is a fast growing field in the global health sector, playing an important role in bridging the gaps in health care and improving health outcomes. Connecting all sectors of health service delivery, from clinical, allied health, nursing, chronic disease specialists and exercise and nutrition professionals, health coaches connect patients with the resources they need to keep on top of their health needs.

Health Coaches are specially skilled health professionals who partner with clients to achieve health goals. Health coaches work with the client's health team to activate and maintain the behaviours that most support their health.

We are affiliated with Health Coaches International, working with you to create a high quality Health Coach Team.
Any health care professional on your team can become a Health Coach with our internationally recognised Health Coaching course. Having your own Health Coaches allows you to embed a supportive, coaching culture in your workplace. We supply coaches with a health behaviour change coaching tool kit and provide mentoring to support coaching skill development.

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We offer group or individual enrolments for online, virtual or inhouse training

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